Current projects offered

Here are the areas in which we presently offer insights and intelligence in collaboration with our partners.

Finding strategic value levers of innovation, guaranteeing them through patents and implementing them when the time is right; this can happen immediately or over time

Innovation management


Insights Intelligence GmbH has excellent industry and technology knowledge in medical devices

Its owner can demonstrate outstanding successes in strategic business area development

together we are able to substantiate critical value levers of innovation for your company for the near future, to seize them with IP and to capitalize them

We have the references, methodology and, above all, the proven insights, networks and competencies.

How can that be done?

We will be happy to clarify this and other questions you might have during a non-binding initial consultation.

An Attractive Investment Opportunity with Potential


Why should you get to know us?

For the following reasons:

Medical Life Sciences continue to demonstrate strong return potential with some headwinds.

MedTech offers an outstanding opportunity to generate and consolidate wins.

We as your partner in Medical Life Sciences support the development of your portfolio through a strategic evaluation of the product and service positioning together with an understanding of the evolving customer base and market dynamics − bringing you the success you want.

We help you in gaining an overall perspective. We support you in finding and valuating targets with outstanding growth prospects and in identifying and assessing internal and external risk factors.

Contact us so you can efficiently get a concrete picture of the added value of our services for your transaction.

Increase the value of your company and prepare it for a transaction

Mergers & Acquisitions

Why should you consider contacting us?

Because the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) forces also your company to make painful decisions regarding the product portfolio and its restructuring.

Because in the years to come, the implementation of the MDR will cost the average German medical technology company 60% of its profit.

It is, therefore, a matter of acting in good time – not of reacting – as long as there is still room for maneuver.

In addition to the strategic value leverage of innovation, in particular smaller companies have the option of merging or divesting business units. This is a transaction that needs to be thought through and well prepared – on the one hand internally by preparing for a transaction and the associated due diligence, on the other hand externally by looking for the right business partners.

We are happy to support you in mastering this complex task:

Insights Intelligence GmbH brings relevant experience in matters of M&A scouting, due diligence and merger integration into your business.

Together you are able to prepare your company for an upcoming transaction and thus increase its value substantially.

We would be happy to clarify your options in a non-binding introductory meeting.