About us

Insights Intelligence GmbH has excellent industry and technology knowledge in the field of Life Sciences, its owner has outstanding successes in strategic business area development.

Dr. Hubert Baltes, founder and owner of Insights Intelligence GmbH, worked for many years as a top manager in well-known companies in the Life Sciences sector, and as a supervisory board member in the oldest German private clinics group. In this position, in professional associations and in the various committees of the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, he has made substantial contributions to the topic of innovation for more than 20 years.

He is an energizing strategic achiever who involves others in his visions!


In a world in which for us the human being comes first, we live our vision to enable all people to live a fulfilled, self-determined life in the best possible health and to contribute to that goal.

That is why we support the providers of healthcare in bringing technologies and services into the market that exceed all expectations for the benefit of people.


We enable you to see the global market, its mechanisms and players through a new perspective.

Our Partners

Brain chain AG

brainchain AG is an international consulting and marketing company for intellectual property-based business development.

With technical depth, out-of-the-box-thinking and consistent alignment of all actions to the market, we support our customers competently and globally networked. We do so to increase the value and effect of their patents and innovative strength to make better use the business potential therein.

Robert Schneider
Riedikon, Switzerland


We support your concerns with our long-standing expertise and individual approach to legal consulting. We handle it for you.

In market disputes, we support you through legal means. We help where there is interference in your rights, where competition is unfair, or where others try to gain advantages by breaking the law.

Nicolai Klute
Hamburg, Germany

Tourmaline Group

We engage investors and policy makers in a conversation about deep structural drivers of the economy in order to provide actionable intelligence to investors and promote policies that improve living standards and the sovereign’s credit rating trend.

Our process is informed by data and driven by integrity.

Bianca Taylor
Concord, MA, U.S.A

Our strengths

They lie in the rapid collection and evaluation of relevant information and interdependencies. This enables us to develop well-founded solutions with you, even in complex situations, to make decisions and to communicate them within the company.

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