Business-critical Intelligence

We offer information, indispensable and decisive factors for players and long-term investors in Life Sciences:

  • Market research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Technology assessment
  • Mergers&Acquisitions Scouting
  • Valuation of targets

Typical job descriptions in the area “Business-critical Intelligence”:

Market research: Market size, growth, segmentation, players, market mechanisms

  • Which players are successful, where are they successful and why?
  • How does your firm fit into the picture?
  • What are your options?

Technology assessment

  • Is the technology offer that you received worth its money?
  • Can we identify the target and its owner?
  • What is the background, what are the options of the firm making the offer?
  • Are there alternatives, i.e. the “buyout” of personnel?

M&A Scouting / Valuation of acquisition targets

  • What is the landscape of potential acquisitions / divestments of business units?
  • What is the market value of these business units?
  • What is their strategic value, what are the synergies from the transaction?

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